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How It Works?

Is there someone you’ve always wanted to meet? A favorite talent, celebrity, streamer, author, or musician? With LiveHotshot, you can meet anyone from anywhere in the world through personal video chat

1. Get The App

Download LiveHotshot app on your mobile device from App Store or Google Play.

2. Book The Event

Find a Talent you’re interested to chat with and book an available event. Duration and prices are flexible so you can choose an affordable option.

3. Connect With Talent

You will get a notification before the event starts. Come and join a live video chat with the Hotshot!

Backstage At Your Fingertips

No need to pay for expensive travel and events anymore. LiveHotshot is your backstage pass where you can get a personalized autograph or take a selfie-ready to upload on your social media.

Support Charity

Select a charity of your choice and let the world know which great cause you support.

Save Memento

Get the autograph and selfie that you can then share on social media with a verifiable link.

Get Verified

We take Hotshot's verification very seriously. If you see a Hotshot with a special badge, you can be sure they’re the real deal.


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Anyone Can Become Hotshot

Trainer, professor, counselor, life-coach… really anyone can be a Hotshot! At its core, LiveHotshot is a people mover: elegantly moving a host from meeting to meeting. On top of this foundation, we’ve added powerful time monetization and fundraising capabilities for those who want it.

Whether you’re a college counselor setting up virtual office hours or a personal trainer doing a remote session, you can be a Hotshot on our platform!